Monday, 13 June 2011

Green Woodpecker - Revisited

Back in 2008 I had the opportunity to set up my chair hide and photograph Green woodpeckers busy feeding their young in an old apple tree, in a friends garden. Unfortunately at the time the light was really against me and the light under the canopy was almost non-existent making for difficult photography conditions.

I recently reviewed some of the photographs I took at that time and decided to share a few with you. If for nothing else because they are a great record from the time. Maybe one day I will have the opportunity again.

So here is the chair hide in action and the nest site in the apple tree, below the canopy at the left of the frame.

Here the parent bird has just provided, chick 1 of 2 a nice, tasty bug and the second chick is demanding more..

Here are the chicks in question and they just can't wait for the parents to return..!

Here's an image of mum removing a faecal sac from the nest.. Business as usual..  

It's nice to go back over some images and I must do more of it so that I can clean out some of the old rubbish from my external hard drives. I also need to think about digitising my slide images at some point, but time just wont allow it just now.