Thursday, 16 June 2011

An evening of opportunities..

Sometimes when I am heading out for a photography session my target subjects aren't always readily available.. Nothing new where wildlife is concerned! However, not wanting to go home with an empty card I tried quite hard to look for some Marbled white butterflies at one of my best sites, but to no avail.. I did however manage to find a caterpillar of a very colourful moth - The Burnet Moth, probably a five-spot as they are generally in good numbers on this site.

I also came across a few orchids including several Pyramidal orchids. Not unlike other places in the country most of the orchids around here seem to have suffered the lack of rain water and as a result don't seem to be in quite the condition you might expect, and often quite stunted in terms of height.

On my way home I decided I would try my hand at capturing some of the movement in the traffic on the main artery road that leads from the Dover docks to the rest of the world, the A2.. However, not quite as much traffic on the road as I had hoped but I guess I'll go back for more..

Not bad records considering I only went out to try and photograph butterflies!